Make a positive action today.


Starting locally in Birmingham, Alabama and expanding in and out to our country and planet we will share a small but might, positive action to help humans, animals, and our environment every day.


Everyday Idealist strives to use the power of community to turn small acts into larger aid. We firmly align with the Unity Principles from the Women's March and many actions will come from these principles. We will also take action to help veterans, the homeless, those who live in poverty and struggle with hunger, and also to advance a free press. If a particular action doesn't align with your values that's o.k. - come back the next day for another. 

What is an action?

Actions will be simple. Some will be easy peasy and others you might need to mark on your calendar. It could be to donate $5, sign up to volunteer, call your grandmother, make a meal at home, offer someone a compliment or participate in a town hall or march. The point is to help others and become engaged in your community locally, nationally, and globally.

Have a charity you want to spotlight? Or an action idea? We're all ears. Email


While the personal is always political most of our actions will not involve direct government contact or changing policies. If you would like to participate in daily actions for political change I highly recommend Daily Action.

And most importantly let's keep it civil and polite.

We are all in this together.