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Bib & Tucker Sew-Op

Bib & Tucker Sew-Op

Happy Monday!

Today I am so excited (!) to do our first charity spotlight: 

Bib & Tucker Sew-Op

Bib and Tucker Sew-Op teaches sewing skills to a multi-generational community in Birmingham, Alabama for a variety of worthy missions.

Without further ado here is Executive Director Lillis Taylor answering FIVE BIG QUESTIONS:

1. Please describe the mission of Bib and Tucker: 

Bib & Tucker Sew-Op's mission is to cultivate skills for those who sew or want to sew (ages 9-99). Our vision is to be a hub for sewing related activities that promote empowerment, education and economic development.

Through four main programs we address these aspects of our vision.
The programs include:

#1 Our weekly Tuesday sessions are how we got our start. They are open to the public. The Tuesday group learns new skills through projects that give back to the community. In order to join the Tuesday group, one must attend an orientation session (these currently take place the first Saturday of the month) and dues are a suggested donation of $5/month. 

#2 Woodlawn Sewing Training is the program that addresses economic development. We teach sewing skills to low-income neighbors so that they can either utilize the skills at home to help their family or we can hire them to do contract sewing work when we work with manufacturing clients.

#3 The March Quilts is a community art project that sheds light on a theme of human or civil rights through open sewing sessions where the community can make quilt blocks that express their feelings about the theme. So far the project has celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Selma to Montgomery marches and highlighted Gender Pay Equity. This year the project is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court ruling that knocked down that state's ban on interracial marriage.

#4 QUARK or Quilting Activity Resource Kit is an educational tool that teaches the fundamentals of math through the principles of quilt making. The act of hand sewing slows a child's movements and centers their focus making QUARK not only a great way to make math fun and interactive, but also to improve knowledge retention. 

2. What are some ways that people can help Bib and Tucker? What serves you best?

 The Sew-Op is a non-profit but we are working to be sustainable through the services we provide. As we continue to get the shop up and running, financial contributions are always appreciated. Donations can be earmarked for specific programs and a list of programming as well as a budget for each can be found here: http://www.bibandtuckersewop.org/annual-report---2016.html

We also encourage the community to reach out to us for quilting projects. We repair quilts and quilt and bind quilt tops. For those with a soft goods product and manufacturing needs, we are developing that line of work as well. We are happy to take donations of supplies, but have specific needs, which can be found here: http://www.bibandtuckersewop.org/donations.html

3. What other charities do you admire? 

It feels like I started this crazy journey with John Paul Taylor, ED of Real Life Poets and Deidre Clark, ED of Kuumba Community Arts and I admire these people and their organizations for the empowerment they cultivate through the arts. Everyone in Birmingham should know about these organizations. 

4. What is a recent movie that moved you? 

Fences, Get Out, and 13th are excellent movies. I think all three should be required viewing in this day and age. Also, I'm watching The Wire with my husband (the second time for me; first time for him). It is an excellent series.

5. What is a recent book or article that made you think?

 I love to read. I generally have ten books going at once. I'm going to be honest, part of my recent self care has been to NOT read. Since I don't have much to suggest in the way of reading, I'd like to suggest some LISTENING items that have made me think: Run the Jewels 3, We Got It From Here, Thank You 4 Your Service (A Tribe Called Quest), Which Side Are You On (Ani Difranco) and Lemonade (youknowwho). Also (in anticipation!): S-TOWN podcast coming from This American Life and Serial producers on March 28th.

Thank you so much Lillis!

So Today your action is to visit Bib and Tucker's website and figure out how best you can support their mission. Happy Sewing!

See you tomorrow -

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